Kru kru Ayam

Thursday, June 7, 2012


got a phone call yesterday
'weh bro jom kuar makan'
'kite makan jauh sket laa. .hehe'
i still ask even i knew it
but its lil bit hairan got a call suddenly
and ajak aku kuar
at the late of the time
well im changed my shirt
and dont want to think about that for the moment
a car arrived at front 
and plus me, it will be 6 people in it
so it is damn obvious dont want me to go along
i bloody sure and keep thinking the main reason
why ask me to go if you dont want me to go?
i am get used to it
get used to be a friend that always been . . .
gosh u know it right
asking from him about that
'weh sape ajak aku kuar eh? kau ke?'
'hehe. .dah la bro. .enjoy oke arini. .'

im glad he there 
keep me calm and make funny thing
even my comrad also dont call me to follow
although he go along with them
i know 
keep me in the dark side
aku lah orang kau datang untuk mintak tolong je
kaya always win
orang mcm aku yang tak berharta
tiada apa2
tak layak lepak ngan korang kan?

to Muhd A
thanx man for relieving me the whole night

1 comment:

Yukana vi Britannia said...

*pats pats* Jgn emo bro.

There'll always be people thankful for what you've done. =)

But really really thanks a lot for tonight. Like reallysuperduperreally. :) Really appreciate it.